Sunday, December 7, 2008

Show Number 1 DONE

I just ended such a busy weekend.

Craft fair in New Paltz all weekend.

Two openings last night where I had my work.

Then this Wednesday, NYC.

After that I bring what I have left over from my shows...mainly my cards and crafty things, to school and sell them at a discount. The art hangs out here somewhere, waiting for the next show or exhibition.

The true pleasure is that though I made less than usual, (not rocket science with the economy) I sold higher end pieces that ranged from 16.00-125.00. It takes a lot of cards to make 100.00, and doing it in one sale is so exciting.

The next few days I will try and fill in my card inventory with a few more cards, and perhaps I can pull together a few more collages before I head to the Big Apple.

Right now however I am heading to bed!


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