Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dropping by

I have been super busy with little time for art in the past few weeks. Spring is here, the yard needs work, and we spent this weekend working on building raised beds, filling them with compost, cleaning out some of the garage, and doing yard work.

I did go to a conference the other day in Woodstock to study the work of writer and Illustrator Peter Sis, and this group mandala, which was in progress when I shot it, was a fun project that we worked on along side of our books. I was inspired by how fun and spontaneous it was to do, and I want to do this with my students when we will study both Tibetan and Islamic art.

In the Islamic art unit my students learn about the influence of nature and geometrics to create complex tile patterns used in their art. Before they design and carve their repeat tile pattern stamps, they will carve small stamps to get used to the material and the carving, and will then use them on a group mandala that I will set up for them to work on.

I have more stories and information to pass on about Peter Sis, and his visit to WAAM in May, but I am too tired! Sun and work has worn me out!


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tangled stitch said...

It's a lovely mandala. Can't wait to hear about the trip and hear you are creating again. Blessings and see you soon.