Saturday, April 4, 2009

On Being Compact

I am rushing around to get ready for my trip to Spain. In keeping it as light as possible, this is what I have whittled my art supplies down, sans camera, card reader, and a few pencils,pens and brushes.

I have a leather backpack type pocketbook that has different pockets. Inside is one for the pens/brushes, and the paints, collapsible cup, and the small watercolor sketchbooks easily fit in there with my camera, brush, lipsticks, and money.

The cup found at any good sporting goods store. Rubber, collapsible, and leak proof, unlike those little plastic collapsible cups.

The paints by Kohinoor.

Watercolor sketchbooks by Moleskine.

Will try and post while on my trip. Be ready for tons of photos and sketches when I get back and can scan them. I can't presume that my friends will have the computer set up that I have become accustomed to!


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tangled stitch said...

Hopefully you are already on your fabulous vacation making wonderful memories, can't wait to see the work you have done and the photos you have taken.