Sunday, May 24, 2009

Article on Art Scammers

Fortunately, I am a suspicious person and ignore most inquiries about buying my art, especially when it is from someone in another country. The flag for me is often the poor grammar, and poor spelling.

I have sold a piece of art online to a local person who emailed me with an inquiry. But it was a local person, I knew who she was, and the rest of the story ended happily ever after. She loved the piece, agreed to the price, and bought it for her husband for his birthday.

But I have encountered those emails that raise my eyebrow, and I listen to my gut. Follow the link listed here for an article of such scams.

Off to check out an inquiry about my cards. This one wants to know if I can expedite the shipping of my cards for a birthday. This may be legit, but since I am sick, and moving slowly, I am sure I missed her deadline. I will write her back however, and see what it is about.


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tangled stitch said...

I get those emails too. I don't know how they find us. I used to read them now I just delete them. Someday I will probably insult someone who really wants to buy my wares but hopefully I will be able to tell the difference if that happens. Hope you are feeling better.