Thursday, May 28, 2009

Creating Ads for Blogs

Tonight's little tiny bit of artwork that I did for the day was a quickie using an old postcard that I got in a paper lot. I bought the lot in hopes of jump starting me when I get back into the studio - when some energy returns, hopefully SOON.

I loved this card, and thought that it would make a great AD for either one of my blogs.

I never thought of advertising my blogs, but perhaps I will have some little business cards printed up like this JUST for my blogs. A bit decadent, but I do love to write and why not advertise that too? Don't know who I would give them to, perhaps slip them into packages that I ship, or to friends or that family renunion. (uh oh, maybe NOT such a good idea; my cousin used to read my personal blog and my leftist blogs made him blow a gasket and now we no longer got really weird.)

Any way, off to bed, with some thoughts churning in my head. Too bad I can't get paid for my thoughts and ideas. I'd be RICH!


PS JUST HAD A BRAINSTORM...this will be the BACK of my business card!!!!!(which is also orange and has the same cats as in my banner, sitting around eating a mouse!)

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