Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Sale and Inspiration

Last weekend at the Woodstock Artists Asso/Museum, I sold my painting in the show "The Other Side of the Mountain". It was a large oil of a sunset at Olana, which I had framed in a simple black canvas frame.

I thought it looked good against the wall, and imagined it would look splendid in a house with the right light and large could shimmer and sing. Well, the universe paired it up with someone else who thought so too, and it was SOLD!

Off it goes to NYC this weekend, I already have the check sans commission, and I have two more shows to submit for.

I am grateful, thankful, honored and delighted to sell a painting!

A few photos of my recent rides into the Catskills. They are digitally enhanced/manipulated, some just a little, some just a lot.

I think they're fun and will incorporate them into work soon. PS The bottom one is titled: "They Closed the New York State Thruway Man...."



carla said...


Rayann said...

oooh lovely I especially like the one with the angel orbs floating about

Lillymarlaine said...

I too love the last one however I feel and believe that the Orbs are our Souls protecting us. We are all energy after all. A beautiful picture I love it. The first one looks lonely and full of despair. Are they War homes? Just curious.

Patti Gibbons said...

I agree, we are energy. I have done a few pieces like this...rather subconsciously I think. The first one contains photos of old little cottages, around since I moved up in '69. Built around the time of the war...summer places for the city folk. They may be winterized and lived in, not sure. I like the dark too...