Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Digital AND Paper Collage

I put this on my other blog as tonight's picture, but here I wanted to talk about the piece in more depth.

It will be one for the show "Telling Stories", which I intend to do in the next year or so. I am sniffing out prospective venues for it. It will be a show that I do along with Larry; his narrative large format black and white photographs, my autobiographical collages.

This is one of the less emotionally distraught pieces, which looks at the history of my family-the frolicking fun Irish, always ready for a dance, a party, an adventure.

For tonight's blog I did it digitally, although it is actually going to be a paper collage. I am still seeking the right image for one part of it, and it is harder when you are doing a paper collage to find just the right car that is just the right size. It is not so easy when you don't use copies and must work with what you can find. Because of how I work, pieces can take months, even years to be finalized.

The paper is an old map of the Arran Islands in off the coast of Ireland, and you will get a chuckle out of the fact that the "Cock of Arran" is an actual location at the top of the map. The other piece is a postcard of the Ashokan Reservoir, made about the time when my family started visiting the Catskills. The other piece is from an 1800's book, and I am searching for a Black Buick, from the 40's. Once I find a relative to verify what the date of the Buick was, I will have a better idea of where to look, and what I am looking for.

Off to bed to read a bit more of my book Handmaid of Desire. A unique story. I can relate to the mind of the protagonist. After that, Allende's Inez of my Soul.

Oh and I HAVE to remember to join NETFLIX. I need some movies!!!! Has anyone seen Elizabeth (the new one)???

off to story land, Patti

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