Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Gorey Decoration

My job and my life is getting in the way of art these days. Again. I have work to do, orders to fill, paintings to finish.

Thirty feel from where I have collapsed, my studio lies empty and lonely, and I can faintly hear the paints sighing in their tubes.

I have a three day weekend and hope that I can get some work done.

I become quite restless when I can't make art, and I am long overdue.

Tonight's photo was squeezed out with my last bit of is of my mantle which is decorated with Edward Gorey Cardboard figures, orange lights, skulls, and other strange little items which I have collected over the years.

When I get more energy I will test out the 10.00 tripod that Larry bought at a yardsale and take some photos. This one was hand held and is slightly blurry as I do not use flash (I hate flash!)

If anyone has Halloween art they want to post, email me some jpeg's and I will put it on the blog! If I can't make art, I might as well feature art from someone who can!


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