Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Getting HELP When You Need It.

Today my student came over for 2.5 hours to work in my studio. I really enjoy this young woman, and we chatted, listened to music, worked, all while having a fun time.

I had spent some time the day before setting up a space for her, and gathering things that I needed done. Greeting cards to be sleeved, glitter to be put on certain items, copper foil which needed to be burnished down, illustrations that needed some hand painting.

She did great. She freed up time for me to complete the tasks that were more complex, or designing new cards. Tonight's cards are made with oil monotypes and authentic Victorian Scrap. They are already sold, as I have a client who says SEND ME MORE CARDS, and I know her taste, so I just make up a batch, and send them on.

I also found joy in teaching this young person about the business, and let her get a glimpse into my "other world", the world that I walk into once I leave the classroom.

If I were a kid, I would be asking for an application, LOL.

And, I got a GREAT teen to work with. THANKS JESSIE!


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