Monday, October 29, 2007

From Heaven

Just because I have not been in the studio working since Thursday, does not mean that I have not been making nor thinking art!

I am learning not to worry about the small breaks I take from my art. Down time is needed to recharge, and to muse about life and art and where I want to go. I am starting a proposal for one art show that I want to have in a year, and am already planning in my mind the next few bodies of work. One shall be called "From Heaven" and tonight's photographs are the inspiration for some of the work that I shall do. It is a nebulous theme at the moment, but I have some thoughts bouncing around in my head.

I book my flights and seat assignments electronically, and this I have learned; when traveling from north to south, book your seat on the right hand side of the plane, and of course by the window. This especially holds true for sunset flights. On the return north, I had a seat on the right, but the light was better on the left. Of course, if you are taking a sunrise flight, the opposite would hold true.

I have painted the landscape from the sky, but that is only possible for me if I have an empty seat besides me to spread out a bit. I have been lucky on a few flights to have this, but it is a rarity, not the norm. So the digital camera is easier.

I saw Mohonk and the Hudson from the air; they were both splendid. I was shocked to still see many green trees...and I have very few leaves down yet in my yard. Strange for it almost being November!

Well off to bed. I have spent two out of four days traveling, and I am tired. But all was good.


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