Monday, March 10, 2008


After this weekend's flood, I have decided that I need to lighten my load and downsize my art supplies. I am not running a craft store, and I don't need all the things I have amassed over the years.

If I go in the 10,000 directions I am apt to go, I will NEVER learn how to mix color, or be a master at anything.

So out goes the leather, the stamps, the stamp pads, the beads (OK I will keep the pearls, crystal and semi-precious stones), ephemera I won't use (but oh, you never do know when you will do a mixed media piece that deals with 100 year old machines!) and any other thing that might distract me from what I truly love to do.

Stop by Etsy every few days to see what I put on. It might be something that you have a passion for! I have some lovely suede and leather for mask making or other leather arts, and tonight I am listing a few bags of nice scraps to start.

I have gotten way behind on my blogging, my artwork etc. with cleaning up after the flood, but now that my floors are white again, and everything in order, I can see clearly now.....the clutter is gone.

Patti O Cleaner!

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tangled stitch said...

Sorry to hear about the flood! I've kind of dropped off the face of the blog myself. I don't have an excuse as good as yours. I hope you do really well with all your etsy surprises. Hope everything works out with the flood too.