Sunday, March 2, 2008


After a long and frustrating go-around with Paypal, I figured out the problem.

If you are an AOL user, and you have problems accessing/downloading any of your logs (most of us who have online businesses are working on income AND sales taxes) from PAYPAL, and get messages that no logs are available, and you have cleaned your cookies and caches, and it still doesn't work, well fret no more.

Open up another Mozilla, or Internet Explorer, and do all the work in that. It seems that there are program conflicts w/ AOL and PAYPAL. Hours of work, and a few tears and one rage, but I figured it out and printed up the logs I needed. Of course one hour's work turned into 3 or 4, putting me behind schedule, but at least I got it done.

PAYPAL help was NO help. All they could do is tell me they would send me a CD w/all of the info on it and I would get it in 1-2 weeks. That is cutting it too close for my deadline, and is totally unacceptable.

But a deep breath, add some problem solving skills, and I beat the odds and figured it out.

Off to bed, I have a headache. But at least my logs are printed.



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