Sunday, March 30, 2008

Struggling with Studio Time

I have not been posting much. My artistic life has come to a near halt.

School. Taxes. Floods. Family.

It has been three weeks or maybe even more since I have set foot in my most sacred of spaces.

I grabbed a few hours today however, and started setting myself up for work. I am putting two pieces in a show about cancer. I have a piece that I was finally able to complete some 30 years after my father died, and I am working on one about my daughter.

It was through Megan's cancer that I was able to face my father's death. It is through Megan's cancer that I have been able to seek and appreciate the best of life.

So today I started setting up my encaustic works so that I can get a piece done soon. I already have the idea, the materials, and the muse comes to visit whenever I welcome her.

It is good.


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