Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another .com Business

I don't know what has gotten into me, but I have been getting inspired, and PUTTING THOUGHT INTO ACTION. Besides, it is only a 10.00 investment for the year, so why not?

I purchased the domain It is the name of this blog, of my Etsy store, and was my Ebay store name. (remind me to close my store!) I have always liked the ring of it...the double entendre-- Catskill (the mountains that I love) and Cats Kill Paper---which they do when you have indoor cats in your house and they find your piles of paper and dig or play in them.

So when I found that the domain had not been bought---as a no less, I snatched it up.

I envision Catskill Paper to be a place where I sell my printed AND one of a kind cards, and have an "Ephemera Museum" where I will sell antique prints and paper, with a special selection for cats and local ephemera. I know of another artist who has made cards out of his paintings of the Hudson Valley, so perhaps he would like to be on my site too.

The problem is, even though I have web space and the domains, I have to design websites and even a bigger challenge, figure out how to get them uploaded etc. to the site.

So much to learn and do, so little time.

So, may there be a snow day tomorrow with this northeast storm that is supposed to brush us by.....and I will keep you apprised of what is happening!


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