Monday, January 21, 2008

Early Catskill Morning Musing

I have been grabbing bits and pieces of time in the studio when I can these days in between seeing my friend who died last week, working on the photo board and cards for his memorial, and then the service.

Caring for others takes away from one's energy and artistic time, but one thing in life that I have learned over the years, is that friends and family matter first--always first. I can always find time to go to the studio even if that means giving up my social life, but you can never replace time that you have not spent with someone you love. That lesson has come harshly to me.

I grabbed a few hours to start making cards for my client and for my friend Kip whose bowl I previewed on this blog on November 23rd. Last week he was on the Martha Stewart show, and was invited to be in the audience in person to answer some of Martha's questions! I was so excited for him.

There is an example of someone who has developed, honed, put his craft out there, and wham, he is discovered and on national television!

I wistfully hope someday that someone will discover me too. I also know that the universe won't give me more than I can handle, and my life has been rather full to take on too much.

A friend told me that you have to be in stores, and out in art shows and markets for the likes of Martha and Mary Engelbreit and others to discover you and then write an article, and I wonder how that will ever happen when I work in seclusion and sell a bit on the Internet, but my private clients are the ones that keep me afloat.

Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged. I look at magazines at others like me who are nationally recognized and discovered and I sigh ... "when?". But yet I keep plugging along, and know in my heart that someday my time will come.

Later today I will go back in and finish working on some cards for Kip to send to some of Martha's staff. Perhaps they will see it and have their interest piqued. Or it might be the woman at my one and only craft fair who is up for the weekend who sees my work and falls in love.

I am grateful for the things that HAVE happened (Jen from Earth Angel Toys!) and my other private clients, and know that my day will come, and if it doesn't, I have loved every moment of the time I have spent with myself in my studio.

That is what matters.


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