Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Earth Angel Toys

A friend reminded me that Jennifer from Earth Angel Toys wrote a lovely piece on her blog about my friend Kitty and I at the Unison Craft Fair.

I met Jennifer last year at the 2006 show, and she asked if I could make 100 of my collage ornaments for her to give as gifts.

If you see stop by her website and see who Jen reps, you will understand the genuine honor that I felt being asked to design for her! (as PS can't always measure your success in sales alone!)

Jen is an amazing woman, as is Kitty B.----whose boxes number about 6 or so in my collection.

Thank you Jennifer, for your enthusiasm for my work, as well as your great energy! I hope to see you at your February show (visit EVENTS link on her website)

I borrowed the photos from Jen's blog. She took the fab photos, of Kitty's work, ,and the paper ornaments on my tree, and I took the one of her (R) and Kitty (L). But they are her photos!!!! Patti

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tangled stitch said...

Beautiful work. They are lovely. I will go visit Jenn's blog too. Congratulations on your success.

I've tagged you in my special way(I haven't figured out how to put links in my blog posts yet).