Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Empire and Plum Girl

I just named these two cards off the cuff as I scanned them and had to save them to a file SOMEWHERE on my computer. Do I file it under Etsy, or Blogs, or Greetingcards? I have so many files, some of them cross into multiple files, and it gets to be a big pain in the ass to manage all of them so that I can find them.

Pictured are two new cards. They are a bit different than the cards that I have been making, and it is good to divert a bit and come up with something new. Unfortunately, I am out of the paper that I used in these cards, and have to find some more. If I could only remember where I bought it....

I don't think that I will list them on Etsy as they will probably be sold this week, but if anyone is interested, give me a shout. 8.00 each. Made with beautiful art and antique papers, sewn onto Strathmore deckled edge cardstock w/envelope. They are miniature works of art and look FAB framed. And I REALLY love these two cards.

Off to lay on the heating pad. My back is not happy tonight. patti

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Liz said...

these are really beautiful!

have a great sunday.
...and you can try out the car anytime. it is awesome! drives like a breeze.