Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have put a new link on my blog here so that you can check out Liz's musings, along with the other blogs that I read periodically. Liz works with Larry at the Center for Photography in Woodstock....and has a blog about living as an artist in the funky, wonderful, artsy, historical town of Woodstock, NY. It is called Life as an Artist in Woodstock. You have got to read her blog and check out the photos on SECRETLY CREEPY. You KNOW I had to check out each and every one. I have a few I should send them of dolls I was selling. I kept a lot of the photos as they were strange and just plain fun. In fact, I decided to put one up on tonight's blog was a photo of a doll that sold for a lot of money, and Alanna, my granddaughter, is rolling around in the background. It was indeed posted on ebay.

I spent my teenage years in Woodstock, and whenever my students ask me about what I have done or not done in my youth, I just say "I grew up in Woodstock"---it is my alternative to pleading the 5th.

Enjoy her musings, and you KNOW I will be checking in on her adventures! Patti


Judy Vars said...

good photograph the doll reminds me of a creepy stepford mom.

Liz said...

thanks for the "shout out".
your the best! have a great weekend.

ps- you are going to be my local artist of the week (i post them on sundays).