Saturday, January 3, 2009

Detritus Art

I joined a swap that one of my old yahoo group friends, and cyberfriend - Patty Harrison -"a yankee in England" is hosting on Facebook. Make 16 postcards and you get 16 back.

I have not participated in a swap in FOREVER. They take a lot of time. Sometimes they cost me money. But often the subject matter or the challenge stretches my imagination, tickles my muse, or forces me step out of the safe zone, and I find it freeing and some of my best work has come out of these "challenges".

Patty's main point was to have fun.

I thought about it for a while, and looked at all the messes on my tables from the holiday show rush. Ah, "DETRITUS, that is what I am going to call my series" I thought. I started designing postcards using the clippings and homeless papers floating around my studio.

Tonight's post is some of my examples. I am having fun with this assignment and it is also cleaning up my studio in the meantime. Very fung shui art.


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