Thursday, January 8, 2009

Even More Detritus

I have caught a few snatches of studio time in between jobs, appointments, and life. It hasn't been for a long enough expanse of time to get deeply involved in a project, but I am getting to know where everything else is again, and be inspired by the materials.

In all those hours of working alone I have come to understand many things about myself, including my cycles of creativity and how I build up to the larger more involved pieces.

I must get intimate with my surroundings. A day here and a day there isn't enough; it is the consistent daily contact with my supplies and inspirations that prepare me for the project at hand. It is the warm up before the run. Then the preparation of materials. Since my studio is not very large, I must clean off my surfaces so I can get involved in my medium, whether collage, encaustics, oils.... Then the long visits with the muse.

After my series/piece, run, I am tired, and go back to my life for a bit. Pay bills, email people, maybe list some things online, and play. Then I start the process all over again.

These little pieces shown tonight are for the swap; they are my warm up for bigger things yet to be born.


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