Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Week Flies By

In the past week I have joined the Woodstock Arts Association/Museum, and submitted three works for their show THE RIVER which coincides with the quadricentennial of the Hudson Fulton Celebration. It is being curated by a Bard College professor I believe, and hopefully he/she will like one of the three pieces I am submitting.

I have sold some cards to my client, and have been in the studio in my spare time making little circles out of my paper detritus in my studio to use in arts/crafts and listed them on my Etsy Catskillpaper site. I have used these on cards, on pins, in jewelry, and they are a fun thing to be creative with.

I am enrolling in another class with Christie Scheele at the Woodstock School of Art. Christie is a fab painter, and I took a weekend class with her last year. So, the universe has granted me a bit of money, and I plan on taking another one, weather willing, at the end of February. I get some of my best work done at workshops, mainly because I am away from home, and concentrate on my work, and of course learn a lot from the instructors and I love the workshop atmosphere.

Since I did not sleep at all last night..bad stomach, I am heading to bed to either watch a movie, or read for a bit.

Hope you are all keeping warm and being creative in some way!


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