Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Sketchbook Project

I am involved in the Sketchbook project which is through the Art-House Co-op. About 2,700 sketchbooks from around the globe will be shown in various venues throughout the US, from Museums to Galleries, to Art coops and Coffeehouses.

Each sketchbook is about 36 pp., and is about 3.5 x 5.5 or so in size. Any medium can be used, all books accepted and the theme is EVERYONE WE KNOW.

I struggled with it for a while, and even thought I would drop out. Then dinner with a friend, looking at what she did, and getting a brainstorm solved my ENTIRE dilemma and I now know what I am going to do.

The book will be copies of my altered photographs, along with some original collages and Victorian images which will be pasted on one side, with a limerick on the other.

I have been writing up a storm, gathering images, which often inspire the verse. Here are a few samples of Limericks.

There once was a man with long hair
Whose beard when from here down to THERE
It got caught it a door
So he has it no more
And now he has to go bare.

There once was a girl by the lake
Whose tits were exceedingly fake
She went for a swim
And when she jumped in
They made a very big wake.

I have a deadline to make so I have to keep plugging away on it. It is what I do best, be silly, political, a bit dirty....and the best part is...I am having great fun.

And who knows, maybe I will sell the original and make a few bucks. I can always scan the entire thing before I send it out and self publish like I did with EAT MAN DRINK WATER.

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