Saturday, February 14, 2009

Art at the Varga Gallery

This week I decided to join the Visionary Art Collective at the Varga Gallery. Christina Varga
is a unique, exotic young woman, who has tons of energy, is a bit zany, and perfect for the job. She fits right into the aura of Woodstock, besides her being an amazing artist herself.

She is a smart business woman, who has developed a clientele of buyers, and has made the gallery into an artist coop. We pay a monthly fee we can put two pieces a month into her show. This way she has a steady group of artists who show, and knows exactly how much she is going to take in fees each month. It is a good deal, and I am going to give it a go. I also joined the Woodstock Arts Association/Museum, and have submitted art for a juried show there.

Though I have enjoyed showing art in Kingston, I think that more sells in Woodstock, the "colony of the arts". For some odd reason, people rarely buy in Kingston, and where nearby towns like Rhinebeck and Woodstock draw crowds with money, Kingston somehow misses that boat.

At some point I will rejoin the Kingston Art organization, as I like to support what is happening in my own city, but for now with money being tight, I am investing my money in the places where I will get the most visibility. It's a no brainer. Now if I can SELL some fine art, then I will gladly re up my membership.

So, I have GOT to get into the studio to make some new art. I have one month, and besides, I also have got to see what else is going on locally.

I did not make it to the opening, mainly because it is Valentine's Day, and I wanted a quiet evening with my man. There will be plenty more to attend, and besides, I like it much better when it is warmer and less icy and muddy.


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tangled stitch said...

Congratulations on your new adventure. It's so hard to do all that gallery stuff, much easier to just create and hope the galleries pop down from the sky. Congratulations once again. Hope you are well!