Sunday, February 22, 2009

Online Community for Paper Lovers and Started a GROUP

As I was perusing the internet today, I found an online community for paper lovers at that I just joined. Here is a link to my HOMEPAGE, and I have started a group called CATSKILL PAPER. (what else would I call it, lol).

I hope I get members who participate. Again, I am in the minority in regards to the materials that I use, but there MUST be people out there that want to know more, and be involved in swapping, information, challenges, etc.

I posted my ATC/ACEO cards on Ebay, and got sooo excited that I got a "watcher" and when I went back later today, the watcher "unwatched" my card. Hard not to get discouraged, but I have to remember that the economy sucks, and I am not desperate for money - yet.

I am going to go and do some work on this blog to make sure all links are working and entered that need to be entered, and see if I can figure out how to jazz this up a bit. Last time I did that to my other blog, I lost all kinds of info. I even lost the counter on this one, so as far as I know, Debra is the only one reading this, lol.

The two photos are for sale on eBay. It has even been slow there. But I don't give up, I keep listing, and have faith in the universe it will provide enough money for another month or two of propane for the studio!


Jan said...

Love these vintage photo's..the men with the moon is awesome!

tangled stitch said...

Don't be discouraged, your work is too beautiful to be discouraged. Sorry I don't have a supplier for frames either. I wish you happy trails and good luck in your search.