Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back in the Saddle.

As I said last night-there is a reason for everything.

I realized that the universe was taking me by the hand and saying "look Patti, just because you paint a few things here and there, a painter you are not. You need to breathe, eat, drink, and love the paint. Then, and only then, will you be successful."

I pouted for a bit, but then I humbly acquiesced. I am not even a Sunday painter. I am a workshop painter. I will never know my colors and how the paint works in various ways until I do it and do it and do it again.

Today I went to my workshop to get jump started. I had more confidence than last year, though I still spent some time looking at my gesso and paints, unwilling to throw the first stroke upon the white canvas. But once I started, it was like riding the proverbial bike again.

The photos of the work here are poor and blurry, and the paintings not quite done.But they give you an idea of their subject and mood. Tomorrow another 7 hours of painting. Hopefully the snow will wait to fall until I am home and have put the drying oils in the studio.

More tomorrow...


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justjen said...

I love these paintings! You could look at them for hours and get lost in the meandering river and moody sky! Don't give up.