Friday, February 20, 2009

On Ebay Again

I vacillate about whether or not I should put my fine art on Ebay. I have sold a few small pieces, and the fine art almost NEVER moves on Etsy.

Sometimes it is hard to not get discouraged. I post tons of cards online, and they don't move very fast. I post art on both sites, and on a rare occasion they sell.

But as a friend of mine tells me, I have a tiny niche in the huge market, so I should do it for the love of it (which I do) and not for the money.

But hey, I thought that if you did it for the love of it, the money will follow?

I probably should try and market my blog/sites etc. to sites that carry Victoriana.
I cannot afford to advertise in Victoria magazine, and unless they feature me in an article in the magazine; an ad is out of the question.

I always wanted to submit my work to Mary Englebreit magazine, but even SHE went under?!

So what to do.

I have a few products and a few styles. Do I have one shop for cards, one for my fine art, which can be landscape paintings or mixed media, and one for supplies? That seems like the smart thing to do, but a lot to juggle.

What do YOU all think is the way to go?!




tangled stitch said...

Patti, If I had a really good answer I wouldn't be on the computer so much. I just keep trudging along trying to think of witty things to say along with my photos of my work. There are hundreds(maybe thousands or millions) of people doing what we want to do so I guess maybe if we read their blogs and figure out our own niche we can be one of them if we just keep at it. Good luck. Your work is absolutely beautiful so someday somewhere.

Jan said...

There's a place to sell with no fees..I think it's called