Friday, February 27, 2009

On Being Rejected

I got home after a very tough week in the teaching world, only to come home to "the letter". I had spent 135.00 to join an elite art organization, and another 20+ for the fee to have 3 pieces submitted to a show that was curated by a Bard College teacher.

By now you know how deep my love for the Hudson River Valley region runs, and how it is reflected in some of my art. It come from a very spiritual place inside of me, and I love the work that I produce from my experiences spent hiking, photographing, painting, and being one with the region.

200 pieces submitted, 47 accepted, I sent in 3 slides...nada.

I know this is par for the course in the art world. I don't take it personally.
I know I need to work through this rejection and not loose faith. It was not the venue for my work, and I do know there is a reason for being rejected.

So I am trying to be happy about my weekend workshop of painting at the Woodstock School of Art with Christie Scheele. She is a fabulous teacher, and a great artist. Lois my friend will be there too, and I am sure after the first hour I will be back in the saddle again.


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