Monday, March 2, 2009

More Work

I am posting an older painting, a small 8 x 10 or so acrylic on wood panel, RED SKY AT NIGHT, and the other one is SUNSET FROM OLANA which I did this weekend in my workshop. It still has some tweaking to do, but the essence is there. I have to run two paintings up to Woodstock tomorrow to the WAAM show for March. I might have been rejected for the WAAM Hudson River Landscape show, but I know I am in for the WAA Alumni show, and every month I am going to submit my work to WAAM until I get in. One of the jurors is BOUND to like something!

I know I am putting some pressure on myself to make more fine art, but I am easing off the cards since no one is buying much, and working on showing at the very least for now. Of course the IRS probably will start accusing me that art is my hobby, rather than my business, and I will come back and tell them who ISN'T losing money in this economy? It is HARD to MAKE money as an artist in the great US of A. Why do you think I teach? But I will...I will....and I am not going to teach forever.

I have to keep dates with myself to paint, and paint a day during the week, and on the weekend. It is hard to discipline myself, but if I have done it for other things, I can do it for this.

Off to take a bath after a long day, but a mellow one from home.

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tangled stitch said...

I thought I loved the top one more and then I Looked again at the bottom one. Just screams peace or maybe whispers. Good luck. I love them both, so will the jurors.