Monday, March 16, 2009

Valencia for Spring Break?

Spring break is coming. I have not found out if our 10 day spring break is intact, but I was planning on going to Florida with Lois and her friend, IF that worked out.

Then I get a call from my co-worker friend (who is 28, single, energetic, and adventurous), asking me if I want to go to visit our mutual friend who is living in Valencia, Spain. We can get a flight for less than 500.00, and have a place to stay.

What's there to think about I say. I have a passport, have been saving what little bits and pieces of child support which dribbles in every few weeks (thought the last check was only 27.00 which makes me suspect he is either working part time, or it ran out...) and I work hard for my money. We drive to NYC, fly to Madrid, get a train to Valencia, and in a day we are there.

Already I am mentally packing my camera, my art supplies, and figuring what is the bare minimum I can travel with. Annie can speak some Spanish, and I will take a crash course.

Dana has to work when we are there, but that leaves us all day to explore city and surrounding area. I am sure that we will have no problem filling our time with sitting in little cafes, trips to the ocean, museums, markets, etc.

Tomorrow I will find out if we are safe to make a reservation.

Tonight's collage which I did a while ago is titled "Amphitrite" who was Poseiden's wife and the Greek Goddess of the Mediterranean Sea.

Off to eat dinner. I can hardly contain myself.

Patti O Traveler

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tangled stitch said...

Sounds delightful! I can't wait to read your wonderful upcoming posts when you come back.