Sunday, March 8, 2009

Framing Disaster

I was preparing a second piece for the drop off at Varga yesterday, when I cracked the frame. I had drilled pilot holes for the eye screws, but they cracked the thin frame anyway.

I did this rather recently too putting a canvas into a large frame. The frame is shit now, and fortunately I am not that attached to the painting. I will give it to someone who has a dimly lit room where you can't see the places where the screws came though. OR it will go in my YART sale this spring.

No time to re-frame it, so I had to grab something else off the wall that was somewhat cohesive with the other piece titled "Ecstasy Girl". I really like this quasi-autobiographical assemblage (I rarely go 3-D with my work)and don't want to sell it, though I did price it.

The opening was a blast at WAAM, and I also attended the opening at ASK where I saw my Kingston friends. I did not enter any pieces in the Hudson River art show there as I am no longer a member. I can't afford it right now, and had to make a choice of were I would join and show. I am not ready for another one woman show; I need a new body of work. So in the meantime these other venues provide a place for me to show my work on a monthly basis.

I went into the studio to finish off the Salt Marsh, and totally wrecked my sky painting, so I painted over the entire thing with a big brush and just started painting whatever I wanted on it. Sort of freed me up. Worst case is I let it dry, paint over in black, and then I have a fresh canvas to work on. The technique I have been doing uses a dark ground to build up layers, and my paint is mixed with a wax paste to give it translucency.

Off to bed to rest up for a teaching day.



tangled stitch said...

I love, love, love this piece. I'm dealing with an artistic disaster of my own so I can relate. Congratulations on your show !

Jennie said...

A ding here and there on a piece of art simply adds to the character and beauty - don't consider it a flaw!

I cannot thank you enough for your kind words last week. I just accepted a position today and I believe it's the kind thoughts from you and others that helped.

I read about your daughter and am just so saddened that someone so young has to face such struggles. She's very lucky to have you and your strength to help her. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. Do you think your daughter would move "home" again or stay in KY? Not that I blame her staying in the South - once the South gets in your blood it's hard to leave it!

For the blog backgrounds, Karen at offers free ones for folks to use. She has quite a few to choose from and adds about 1 a week. She even provides instructions (whew!) on how to add them to your blog.

The Caymus Cab runs around $79, at least around Dallas. It's a dry vintage but has a sweet/sour fruit aftertaste. It's really nice.

I'm so pleased to meet you and I wish you the best of luck with your show!

Best wishes and high hopes to you,