Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lenny's Place

On the way to the Varga opening, I stopped by comrade Lenny Kislin's house and studio. I had never been there, and my friend Annie/Loel, told me it was incredible.

Lenny and I are blood brothers and sisters in the art world. He recycles objects from the past, while I recycle papers from the past. We both take the old and often damaged and unwanted pieces, and make them into art, which can involve humor, plays on words and double entendres. He is a man after my own heart.

I was not disappointed by our visit. His house was filled with his art and objects d'art in every corner, nook and cranny. His studio was filled, and I mean FILLED with frames, metal parts, old toys with missing or broken pieces, folk art, and other oddities, many things whose function I could not presume to know.

I felt better as I thought about how filled my studio is with stuff, but oh what interesting things we both have that flow onto the floor, or sit in precarious piles, ready to bury us with one wrong move.

Ah, such magnificent obsessions.


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tangled stitch said...

Sounds like a fabulous visit and a very interesting guy!