Friday, March 20, 2009

Valencia Confirmed

I have indeed booked a flight to Madrid on the 4th of April, the day after I hand in my taxes. I have to spend the next few weeks focusing on getting them done, not on my art, as they have to be finished and ready to go to the accountant the 3rd.

I don't know how much money I will be getting back, but it will be nice to know that something will be deposited into my account shortly after I return.

I was hoping for a swim in the Mediterranean, or at least lying on the beach, but the weather is a tad bit cool for that now. I heard dress in layers, and you know I will throw in a suit just in case. Or at least a tank top and shorts.

I am trying to figure out how to pack minimally, and leaving enough room for several sketchbooks and my watercolors and pens. Also I have to find another memory card for my camera so that I can take tons of photos. I am not bringing the laptop as I don't want to deal with the weight of it, or have it stolen or anything else. I can use my friend's, and if necessary I will find an internet cafe to sit in for an hour a day to post to my blogs and answer emails. After all, how exciting is that, an internet cafe in Spain?

If I weren't such a sissy, I would rent a car and get out of the city and travel the country side too. However, train system might be our mode of transportation-let someone else do the driving!

I need to get a guidebook to well as a few new things to wear. Oh the excitement is mounting!

hasta luego


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tangled stitch said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful trip and make sure you share those beautiful photos. I hope you get to swim in the Meditarrean! Have fun!