Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Economy Crunch

Today I had to pick up four paintings and a bunch of cards from Beckon, a local shop that sells hand made crafts and art. Run by the amazing Maryanne Bonito, she had no choice but to close when the landlord raised her rent another 300.00 a month. In this economy I am surprised that the landlord did that, and unless he/she has other plans as I think that they will have a hard time renting it out; it is too much money for the location.

The good news is that Maryanne is looking at a place in Saugerties, about 20 minutes north of Kingston. A little town 15 minutes from Woodstock, and about 30 from Hudson, which has lovely shops, a coffee art/music shop, great restaurants, and other cool places to explore.

My client has all but officially dropped me as her greeting card designer; she still owes me a bit of money and I want to ask her why she no longer orders.

I have been selling some of my paper collection on eBay and Etsy, but few sales.
I am at a dead end as to how to raise money for my art business....

I am not quitting the day job...for a very long time. blog readers, check out my links for my two Etsy stores, and I will give you 25% off should you want to order. Just convo/email me, and I will send you an adjusted invoice. Interested in anything? MAKE ME AN OFFER that won't insult me, lol.

Off to list more cards on the pagibbons Etsy just never know...and I refuse to give up!

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