Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Erotica and more

This is the text currently introducing my art on eBay:

"School's almost out for summer.
I won't be getting a paycheck.
I will be needing money.
I hope to sell some art at a great price for you and for me.
I show in the Varga Gallery in Woodstock, NY , the Woodstock Arts Association and Museum, and BECKON in downtown Kingston."

To the point, honest, and said with a smile.

I don't usually sell on eBay as there is so much on there and people want something for nothing, but little is lost by throwing it on there for a week. Maybe I will get some fans, inspire artists, or give someone a chuckle. Of course, I hope that I sell some things from time to time because I DO need the money! If not, into the pile for the YART sale that I will have at some point in time.

From the eBay description:Tonight's art is a collage on painted 8-ply acid free mat board. This piece was made in 2002 for an Erotica Book, limited edition publication. Fun, sassy commentary on self pleasure using images and text from the 1950's ads which had NOTHING to do with vibrators. I just had too much fun making this.

I have only done a few erotic/sexually charged collages. The few I did show have sold. This one I kept, but am willing to let it find the right home.

Again, if not, it's always good for a laugh.

patti o comic

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