Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Oldest Mascot

My studio has two mascots. One, who is not pictured, is an early 1800's charcoal painting of an elderly woman with no teeth. The paper and the board it was mounted was all chipped, so I chipped it off around her, and she sits on the window ledge.

The other is an amazing early American portrait painting, around 1700-1800's I would guess.

Given to me by Julie as she has a horrible tear in the canvas, but she knew I would give her a place of honor. She and my other friend sit sentinel on my walls looking out to the door of the studio. I figured if any one looked in and saw these two faces, they would freak out and run.

They may be long dead, but their spirits live on in my studio, haven for discarded and forgotten portraits and photographs of those who have long passed to the next realm.
I become attached to some of these photos. Sometimes I will make them into a piece of artwork, other times I just place them out on my fabulous IKEA rail, and stare at them and wonder who they were, what they did, who they loved, and how they died.

At times I think I am a bit morbid, but then again, I ain't yer average gurl.

I will post my other mascot when I go back out to the studio to work on the under painting I did this afternoon. I could not get a good shot of it so I have to try re shooting it in natural light another day. I like to keep track of the stages my paintings go through....


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