Monday, June 29, 2009

Vintage Rayon Ribbon Roll

In all of the cleaning I have to do, and when you are an artist and collector, it is constant, I came across this huge roll of vintage 50+ year old grosgrain ribbon. 2" wide, about 50 yards of it.

What am I going to use this for I asked myself.

No good for tying up tomatoes, too thick. Sachets? Nah, I already have a ton of bits and pieces for that. I am trying to focus on painting, and not sewing or I have decided to sell it, but not sure of the right venue.

Ebay these days is slow, unpredictable, and in general, gotten way to big for it's britches. Etsy is smaller, and cheaper, and though I might get less for things than on eBay, I think it is a better company. Plus, it is housed in my state, and in Brooklyn no less!

So off to Etsy it goes. Nice ribbon....and lots of it.

Make your kid a mummy for Halloween with it. Weave it. Use it as trim, for chokers, bracelets, quilts. Tie your partner up with it. Be creative.


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