Friday, June 26, 2009

Typing between the storms

Hard to list things on Etsy with a four year old who wants me to read all of her books to her, and then there are the continuous storms which keep marching through NY sending bolts of lightning ready to fry any computer that gets in its path.

Since BECKON closed, I have been listing the art and cards which were in the store on Etsy. I sold a few cards in the past week or so which is always lovely, and I will have a lot more to sell.

I am thinking of bringing them up to JULES BESCH STATIONERS in Wellfleet to show the guys my cards in person. I might even do a small stock run of my WE DO wedding cards as gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts. If not, then I can hit Provincetown. If I get lucky, I may sell a few. If not, I will brush off my ego (which gets smaller by the moment) and keep the faith.

Here are a few that I particularly like at the moment. Found in my Etsy shop PA GIBBONS.

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