Sunday, February 17, 2008

Great Cat Print

I just listed this on etsy. It is a great antique print of cats either in school or in a courtroom. Matted, ready to go.

Don't forget to cruise by my site every week or so to see what new things are happening. It is a work of art in progress, as is my site too.......I have so much more work to do on them and never enough time!!!

I had to clean the studio today so that Lois can come over and paint tomorrow. Enough space is cleaned out to comfortably fit two easels, or one and a table top easel. The problem is, my paintings are still wet due to the lack of heat in the studio (I keep it below 50 when I am not in there). I was hoping to work on them, but it looks like I am going to have to start a few more and work on them as they dry. I am in there every few days, at then crank the heat to 70, but it isn't enough to really dry these oils. Ah, what patience I must have to work in oils. Thankfully, I have my cards and some other collage works that I can work on from time to time in between drying canvases.

Off to get a good night's rest so I can be ready for tomorrow!


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