Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Card

Well, my websites (especially the latest one) have been giving me a hard way to go as well as my computer. I could be disgusted, but instead I have decided to take some time off from it so that I have renewed energy to work on it.

Part of the wonder of life is finding out what you DON'T like ---- and this is one of those times where I have learned things about myself. Though I am seduced by the computer, I would prefer NOT to work on it so much and work more on my art. I need the materials, the kinetic energy, the physical magic and sensuality that happens with the paint or paper that I don't quite get from the computer.

So with that being said, here is your Valentine's Day Knave, sending you a slightly wicked Happy Valentine's wish.



tangled stitch said...

I'm under the weather so have been doing little else except playing games on the computer and reading political blogs so can I join you? Hopefully tomorrow we will have wonderfully creative days and no computing(except for our blogs).

dianep said...

I love the painting. It brings me such serenity.