Sunday, February 3, 2008

Site is sort of Up

Over the weekend I got up two pages of my new website, Catskill Paper The index page, and the printed card page are done, including my paypal buttons, but the handmade card page is giving me a hell of a time and I don't know why. I think my computer is on the fritz, and the reality is that I really need to buy one within the year. Hopefully my websites will pull in some revenue once they are set up so that I can afford the payments on one.

Now mind you, I am buying a site from Go Daddy, which will get rid of the horrid banners that their free site gives. I did not know that when I did it, and am HORRIFED at how it looks. But please stop by and tell me what you think-just ignore the banner. The Ephemera Museum is not up and will be a work in progress as I have to build the inventory for that slowly.

I have such visions, and I hope that with some marketing work, they will have a presence on the internet. I DID put a lot of time into it!

Off to try and get more work done on it before my episode of ROME.


PS Tonight's photo is of some of the papers that I am drying from soaking out of old scrapbooks. Very tedious at times, especially when a difficult paste or glue was used.

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Liz said...

your website looks really great. very good job!