Friday, February 8, 2008

More Dreamweaver & CSS

I took the third part of my Dreamweaver class today which focused on Tables. Actually, Dreamweaver is a fairly straightforward and easy program to learn. I think my students will LOVE to learn how to work with it and design their own webpages as a multi-disciplinary project.

I bought in my new line of cards - the WE DO line of same sex wedding, anniversaray/romance cards to one of my classmates, Cimon, who is a designer in NY and lives part time up here. He is the talent behind his company FIGJAM which is a fabulous site to see. (I just noticed it is down for maintenance, but I will eventually just put a permanent like to his website.) Anyway, he LOVED my work, was SO excited about them, and bought a handful of cards to send to friends-so now I REALLY have throw something up SOON for that!

Off to pack for my painting weekend, and do everything else that must be done in preparation to paint for 2 days!

I think I will take pictures of the experience and post them here during the week.The artist, Christie Sheele, is a FAB artist, and I am so looking forward to learning from her. She works on black/dark backgrounds and mixes her paints with a wax medium (NOT encaustic) Oh, and yes, she paints beautifully with pastels.

Off to pack! patti

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