Monday, February 11, 2008

To Touch or not to Touch....

To touch or not to touch, that is the question. Tis it nobler to muster bravery and put yet another layer onto work that has beauty of its own, or to chicken out and leave things as they are because you know, you can always paint that landscape more than once. Personally, I am loving as is. (pictured here)

My readers, please leave me a comment on this. Should I leave this piece alone (besides a few alterations in the foreground, and there is a part in the middle ground that drives me nuts.)or should I work more into it. I do have three more pieces, ok, maybe two more pieces as I also think another one is close to being done. The other two I know I am going to work into more.

Off to work on/design my WE DO website as Cimon has asked me twice now for the site's link. I may not have much on it, but I can sell what I have and explain that more will be forthcoming as the website grows.

I feel under pressure; good thing I have a four day weekend coming up.


1 comment:

MB Shaw said...

I think it's perfect. Seriously. Walk away from the canvas. Keep yourself amused with other tasks. When you approach it again (fresh) you will realize how moody and atmospheric it is. Perfect.