Monday, July 14, 2008


I have been up since the first bird sang, over two hours ago. I have written my other blog, scanned some more cards to post on Etsy, and am writing this blog.

I am trying not to be discouraged. My business is slow. My ebay auctions end without bids. Not a single card sold on my new Etsy site, and I have emailed all my wonderful customers, present and past, with my new site. I called the store I sell to, to see if Mary Ann needed more cards. She needs a display rack, but no more cards. Her business is down 46%. I empathize with her and hang up the phone. I see that other cards on Etsy like mine sell for 6.00, whereas mine sell for 8.00. But at the price of cards in Hallmark, that are mass manufactured, and the time and materials it takes to do what I do, and I will not drop my price. Sigh.

I opened up my IRA/501K/whatever you call it paperwork, to see that my future investments have slipped even further. I think "Am I going to be one of those people in history whose savings was lost to a stock market crash?" and I tear up the paper asking me to up my contributions each paycheck for the new school year as they know I have gotten a raise. HA I think. I will need that money for my fuel bill.

So I am heading out to the studio, to put on the dehumidifier as the air is like a swamp, and I will just keep on painting and making art, cause it's in my blood.


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