Saturday, July 12, 2008

Art for A New Earth

What I design and what I paint often comes to me like magic. Pieces of paper that have danced about my table and floor suddently jump to the card or canvas,with invisible hands guiding me as I create.

What I experience in a day has a direct influence in what I do, even IF all I am making is cards. One of my clients believes that I channel in my work, and often I believe that to be true.

I took some time today to be deliciously alone, by a pool, in the woods, to soak up some sun and read. When I got hot, I would gleefully jump into the pool, feeling the cool water in every pore of my body. I was reading Eckhart Tolle's A NEW EARTH, and absorbing the words like sunlight.

Afterwards, I came home and felt charged, and made some more cards while getting a grip on my studio. I felt inspired and electric, and made a pile of cards, one of which is tonight's image.

It reflects innocence, dreams, a portal to the universe, and hope.

This card is more than a card, it is a symbol. I plan on scanning it at a high res and making it into a large piece of artwork....a mixed media painting.

To the magic of the universe,


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