Wednesday, July 23, 2008

If you can't find what you like......

I was looking through Etsy to see if I could find a triple light switch plate which would be cool to decorate my kitchen wall, the one that you see when you enter from my side door.

Apparently triple plates are not that common, and most of what I found did not suit my decor needs.

I even went on eBay, to no avail. Hmm...I thought. Perhaps this is a good thing to make and sell.


I made the plate, photo here, and am glad that I took the time to do it, but except for making one more for the living room, I doubt that I will go into production as it was labor intensive and took a good hour or so to make. I would have to charge at least 25.00 to cover my time, materials, and overhead, and who is going to pay that? Now I understand why many are made with fabric. It probably behaves better in projects such as this.

I used antique prints from a seed catalog which were on medium weight paper, and used Golden's Heavy Body gel to affix the paper onto a 1.99 light switch. It was tricky as the gel dried fast, and I had to hold the edges down for a while so that they would stick. The inside of the switch openings were a bit tricky too. I cut an X inside the switch opening on the back side, and then had to fold back the paper and glue THAT down to the back, and also hold that till it stuck.

The finish was two coats of UV Satin Varnish, which gave it a nice flat look and I am hoping it will be lightly washable.

Worst case scenario? I make another one down the road when this one wears out.

I am enjoying my switch, and people get a chuckle out of it when they come in.

Mission Accomplished.


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