Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Paintings

I am trying not to get hung up about my paintings.

Lately I have been laying out paint, grabbing some brushes, and laying color down. I usually have a plan in mind, or a photo (which I have taken and printed) as a jump start, and sometimes things just happen of their own accord, and morph into another form.

When I am finished with the piece, I put it aside, and decide whether it is worth doing more work on, or if it is finished, I let it go.

I have always been a product person being in the production line of art for so many years, and am learning to accept the process as a very important part of my work. So what if only one out of six paintings is what I deem "worthy" to frame and/or sell? The others were essential in learning how to work with color, subject, the paint, etc.

The worst thing is that I will have tons of studies about my walls, and eventually I will either give them away to people who fall in love with them, or I will gesso them over and start anew.

One painting, the Red Sky painting, I will work further on. It has potential but it is a bit too dark.

The other is a sky study from one of my 1000s of photos I have taken of the sunsets/storms/sunrises here in the Hudson Valley.

I have been working in acrylics due to their convenience and will be taking them and my watercolors on my little trip to a cabin in the woods in Massachusetts. I will be gone a few days, and probably not have Internet access. Then again, who knows!

Till I am back,


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