Friday, July 11, 2008

Day of Photos

I took yesterday and today off.

Art for yesterday was watching two films; the Golden Compass and Fur, along with fine dining overlooking the Hudson and the Mountains.

Then today a hike on the Mohonk/Shawangunk preserve, taking photographs.

If my body and soul are in good shape, then the muse will be there.

I recently had someone tell me that they had to decide which blog they would pick to EAT MAN DRINK WATER, or this one? They chose the other, because that one is a blend of my day to day life, along with my art.

So dear readers, do I keep up both, or only do one?

I have written this one expressly to write about art, and keep out the religion, politics, and musings that ruminate in my head and heart on a constant basis. I know some people ONLY want to know about my creative I have tried to keep everything else out. Yet how can I do that when everything else directly affects the creative process?


PS more photos of hike on my other blog!

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Judy Vars said...

I admire your energy to keep two blogs, usually I read Eat Man Drink Water, occasionally visit your art blog. I think it's fine to keep two but just don't feel obligated to post as often in the Catskill Paper Blog. We all like to hear about the other stuff.