Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cleaning Up.....

So I have worked in bits and pieces in the studio, but more importantly I have been cleaning up my back Ebay/Etsy room.

I have posted a shameful photograph of what part of it looks like. Notice the heaters are lines with boxes of paper, some for sale, some not. Piles of books. The only organized thing is my book case, which towers neatly above the partially organized piles of paper. Bills, taxes, ephemera, books, school stuff. HOW CAN I GET A HANDLE ON THIS other than using the fireplace to burn it all?

I spent a good part of yesterday listing things on Etsy. Really artist friends, you should check out my store...make me an offer, and I can even put a package together for you and give you a deal! I sold one thing for 1.50...and had someone tell me that my cards are well done and some are very funny. "Great" I think, "but where are all the buyers?" I know, saving money for gas and oil.

I gladly went into school today for a meeting. There I get paid 48.00 an hour doing curriculum writing, and I worked for three hours. YAY I thought. If I get paid w/in the month I might not starve at the end of the summer. I instantly signed up to work another 5 hours, not caring that I am not in the studio on friday.

I guess when I ask the universe for abundance, it doesn't always mean the money will come in the way of art and ephemera sales, and I thank it for giving me SOMETHING.

Patti who will work a bit more in this mess before taking a nap.

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