Sunday, July 20, 2008

House Warming Gift

I have had lots on my mind to write about, but I am pressed for time.

My dealing with my lack of self confidence in art and the visit to the therapist.

The visit to the studio and the work that I created.

The yard sale of cool stuff.

But that will all have to wait.

Today's piece was inspired by Melissa McCobb Hubbell, whose blog The Garden of Pink Shadows is linked here in my list of art blogs I love. She ran the group and produced the zine Art Erratica for a very long time, and I had the good fortune to meet her some 8 years ago at a Jonathon Talbot workshop.

Her Etsy store had some great altered cabinet photos. I have been altering them in a different way for many years, and they are the basis for the zine I made EAT MAN DRINK WATER, which tells the store of Tottie and Dick. It is a dark Victorian story. with humor and a twist. (It is available on my CATSKILLPAPER Etsy shop, hint hint)

I have a house warming party to go to for my friend's daughter. I am not much in the mood; my mother's health is not well, possibly failing, a friend died and I have to go to her wake later today. I am financially "challenged" so I decided to make her a gift for her house based upon Melissa's card idea.

The card is not done as I have to wire or ribbon the top, but I thought it perfect for her housewarming gift. If you like this, go to Melissa's Etsy Store. I noticed that she has closed it for vacation, but check out her sold items to see what she creates and sells. I don't see any of her ladies there, but I am sure she will put them back up when she is back in town.

Off to write my other blog, sip some coffee, and prepare myself for yoga. At least there I know I will find peace for a bit.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Patti!

This is great.. I'm sure it will be appreciated. If only I had a front hallway (like I used to..) I would make myself one.

Thanks for the mention.. May I put your card up on my blog and link back to you? I bet people who saw the original ones would love to see it.

Sorry things are rough.. they seem to continue to be. But life is generally beautiful.. it's been a beautiful summer despite some pretty hot humid days..

hugs to you.. maybe one of these days we can get together again..