Sunday, July 6, 2008

Etsy Stores and Websites

I decided to do some re-arranging of my cyber business. I have the summer off, I need to make money on my art and supplies, and my websites and Etsy were just not making much money.

I have decided to keep my Catskillpaper shop to sell my antique and vintage papers and other objects d'art, and opened up a new one called Pagibbons to sell my cards and art. I found that it looked too sloppy to have it all mixed up in one site. I like the new look much better.

I have struggled with this for a long time and have decided that anything Catskill Paper (save for this blog) will be ephemera related, and anything art will be under my name.

The is an enormous amount of work to list my cards on my website. I think I am going to use my website to explain my process, and link to Etsy. Etsy makes it so easy to list items, unlike my website. So I will keep both my Catskillpaper and Wegogreetingcards domain name, and have them link to Etsy if anyone wants to buy from me.

The next thing is how to drive traffic to my websites, and I think I have to spend some time putting in meta tags and such.

In the meantime I have too much "stuff" and I can share it with others. I need the money, I need to clean up my life, here is to abundance. Oh and if anyone has any ideas on this, I would LOVE for you to share them with me. This art marketing thing is a lot of work!

Off to write my other blog!


PS Image is one of the prints I have for sale in my catskillpaper etsy shop!

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